Platform for improvement

The ProcessGold Enterprise Platform allows you to continuously improve your business processes. This is achieved with applications that monitor these processes, for everyone, fully automated. With the insights obtained, you can manage based on cases, lead times, compliance and specific KPIs, which are continuously monitored.

With the ProcessGold Enterprise Platform, you forge a link between your Big Data and your business processes. And between you and your employees. From strategy to operations. With our unique symbiosis between Business Intelligence and Process Mining, you can respond to changes, both externally and internally. Quickly and effectively. Based on facts instead of assumptions or suppositions.

Our experience

Continuous improvement

Imagine a provider who tells you that the real value of data isn’t found with quick-and-easy dashboards, but with applications and their implementation, which together achieve sustainable use of your data for process improvement.

ProcessGold pools the resources of thought leaders who are driven by process improvement. They know how the combination of Process Mining and Business Intelligence can work for your business.

“ProcessGold confirmed our hypotheses and conjectures about process performance based on the facts, after a short time. Their process mining solution is recommend for other projects in the area of Business Process Management”
Thorsten Camin, Head of IT Consulting Finance, Henkel AG
“Before the use of process mining, we spend many hours trying to understand processes. Following the implementation of process mining we are able to see all our business operations with full transparency.”
Volker Panreck, Director Audit services, ING-DiBa, Ing-Diba
“Thanks to ProcessGold, we wowed American Express. ProcessGold provided their great analytics software, and their team delivered a great application.”
Dave Browne, Former Chief Product Officer at Adversitement
“Prior to using ProcessGold, we used other standard methods for reporting, graphing such as spreadsheet, crystal reporting, etcetera. In the search for new capabilities we gladly found ProcessGold.”
Shane Duryea, WesternPower (Perth, Australia)

A major step forward

ProcessGold works in an international environment. With a network of partners who fully understand each sector. Who develop applications for you or for your sector. For banks, insurers, governments, educational or care institutions, or industry at large.

ProcessGold keeps in close contact with the research community, which helps ProcessGold remain a forerunner in terms of innovation.

Our software

Process Mining by ProcessGold
Process Mining by ProcessGold