Platform for Continuous Process Improvement

You do know what an optimal business processes is. Often, however, you lack insight in the actual way your processes function, and the way cases are handled. The effects on the bigger picture for your organization are often unknown…

…Until your organization implements the ProcessGold Enterprise Platform, which provides you with Continuous Process Monitoring.

Process Mining by ProcessGold
Process Mining by ProcessGold

ProcessGold Enterprise Platform | Key differentiators

  • High performance / in-memory analytics
  • Multiple Process Mining algorithms
  • Highly customizable
  • Collaborative version control
  • Multiple data source support
  • Scalable / cloud (public / private / on premises)
  • Closed applications for partners
  • Full R-integration

ProcessGold Enterprise Platform | For analysts

  • Visual data extraction / manipulation
  • Multiple Process Mining algorithms
  • Easy graphic interface
  • User-aware filters
  • Full R-Integration
  • Collaborative version control
  • Staged controlled deployment
Process Mining by ProcessGold

ProcessGold’s powerful software makes your organization transparent by extracting a wealth of data from your business applications, in just a few seconds. With it, you discover and understand your processes better and lay the foundations for continuously improving them.  

Process Mining by ProcessGold

The ProcessGold Enterprise Platform | For business users

  • Bottleneck detection
  • Throughput management
  • KPI monitoring
  • Workload balance
  • Audit controls
  • Case monitoring
  • End-to-end process transparency
  • Personalized dashboards

How we work

ProcessGold supplies and implements software for Continuous Process Improvement. ProcessGold allows for full customization, to suit your needs, and presents users with actionable insights. ProcessGold puts in place Continuous Process Improvement in four phases.

Data extraction Process Mining Analysis Improvement

The ProcessGold Enterprise Platform, delivering continuous improvement to your organization

Implementation of the ProcessGold Enterprise Platform turns big data into smart data. Processes that were previously not in sight become transparent. Patterns and links become visible and bottlenecks are detected. Dashboards allow insight, and resulting changes in processes lead to improvement.

Organizations and teams that use the powerful ProcessGold software witness improvements in efficiency, effectiveness, in ability to serve customers, and also in compliance.